What can we do with an all cement bathroom?

We have a large unfinished completely cement basement. It is dry for the most part with the help of a good bleach cleaning and dehumidifier. We are at a loss with the main used bathroom by us and guests as it’s the only shower. There is no window, vents, and there are pipes on the outside of the cement boxed in room. It’s only 4 ft wide by 9 ft space (large shower on one side, toilet in the middle and sink at the other.) the pipes stick out a ft from the wall. Every wall is cement. So we are at a loss at where we can even start. It’s damp and the wood door is starting to crawl with mold. The shower painted walls are starting to bubble and it needs to be cleaned often so mold won’t grow. There also is not one outlet in there and the light has to be turned on and off by screwing the bulb. If I can better understand my options of what can be done, I can start a budget, but because I have no idea, I am still at square one. Is a vent possible? Would I tile from floor to ceiling? We know the ceiling will need to be replaced, and the awful looking utility sink type vanity we would like to replace. Please help with any suggestions!

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