What causes my bathroom sink water to smell (Pics Included)?

Hot and cold smell , I guess it goes away after letting it run.

But heres the thing , I have one water heater , so why doesnt my kitchen sink water smell ?

All the water comes from the water heater , so can it be just the pipes in the bathroom ?

So the Main Water pipe has to be good and the pipe going to the kitchen since the kitchen water is fine.

And the shower is good until it runs for a long time then I get a aroma from the water , but it is not as bad as the sink in the bathroom.

So yeah when I turn on my bathroom sink the smell is right there as soon as I turn the hot or cold on , then in the shower it will take a long time to get a smell though it is not as bad as the sink.But the kitchen water is fine , no smell at all.

It is city water.

Can I buy some type of cheap plumber snake that will go down the sink pipe and clean it out ?

Here is what is on the pipes going to the water heater and the ones below are the same , its like rust or something.



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