What do I need to know about making final arrangements at the end of my lease (apartment)?

My one-year lease is going to be up next month on my apartment. I have never rented before and am a little lost as to what my obligations are. I am planning on moving out into a new complex. I gave a written 30-day notice to my apartment complex already. What else do I need to do? I assume we need to do a walk through? What are my responsibilities in terms of the state of the apartment? Obviously it will be clean, but do I need to shampoo the carpets or do any other deep cleaning? Should I expect my deposit back?

Also, the roller on my shower door is falling off. I made a service call about 3 months ago and followed up, but it was never fixed. Is it my responsibility to fix it? Should I expect to be charged for it? Admittedly, the apartment I am staying in now is not excellent quality and I’ve had many maintenance problems (my hot water heater broke twice, A/C went out, etc). Am I responsible if their faulty products don’t work? I personally replaced the plumbing for the bathroom sink and replaced garbage disposal when they failed to respond to numerous requests to repair them. I know it isn’t advisable, but I couldn’t live with a broken garbage disposal, yuck! And my sink was causing wood damage due to the leak– what was I to do? Should I mention that I replaced these things or leave it be?

I am afraid they are going to say I OWE money for something outrageous. I did ding a wall (a chip of paint is missing) with a dresser, but otherwise the apartment is in the same condition as when I moved in.

Please let me know what to expect. Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

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