What do you think of my story so far (Part 6)?

Alisheea moaned and, with some difficultly, lifted her head. From what she could remember, she had been about three minutes into the fight when there had been an explosion in the back of her head and everything had gone dark. It was a struggle open her eyes but when she did she saw everything that she had expected to see. Cold, stone walls, a barred door, and the chains that held her ankles all screamed how miserably she had failed. No! I didn’t fail! she told herself, It wasn’t my fault, it was those blasted cousins of mine. They’ve sentenced me to death. Or worse.
Alisheea knew what Elo thought of her and the kind of things he planned to do to her. She shuddered. Elo had quite the imagination when it came to such things.
"Don’t waste your time thinking about things like that," she said aloud. "Know your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with your environment." Alisheea stood up and immediately everything in her vision started moving. She sat down abruptly. The cell was still moving. Focus, Alisheea. It is just a little dizziness. Focus on something, that stone in the floor. She stared at it until her it stopped moving. Once again, she attempted to stand. This time she had a bit more success.
Her surroundings were bleak and the lighting was poor. The cell was much taller than it was wide. A window about five meters up let in a bit of moonlight in through its bars, casting an even gloomier aura to the room. There was a cot on the other side of the cell. At least that’s what it used to be; unknown events had caused the wood frame to sag and split, and the cloth that must have once been pulled taut across the frame was now threadbare and it sagged so much it nearly touched the ground. As if in an a years later afterthought, a somewhat less ancient blanket had been spread across the remnants of the bed.
Whether it was the aftereffects of her head injury or the utter gloominess of her cell Alisheea didn’t know, but she felt an overwhelming wave of despair. She let herself fall against the cold, stone walls and sink down into mournful crouch. Then the great Alisheea wept.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with this and read all 6! I couldn’t set up a link to this so you wouldn’t have go through all of that. I’m sorry if jumping around like that was annoying but I REALLY want to know how good my story is….:D

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