What do you think of this? Is it a poem or a story? Need feedback(:?

In the woods of the hollow wood peak, where the trees are dead and no flowers rise. The darkened sky filled with beams of radiant light. If you look deeper in the peak, crying hits the foggy air. A baby lays alone in the sink hole of the ground. The back of his neck contains a scar, one unnatural, horrifying mark, burned into his flesh. His eyes were a fiery red, and no hair lays upon his head. His razor sharp teeth consume his mouth, and his skin is pale as a ghost. The baby had folded up his tiny legs and begun to float from the sink hole, mud covering his back. He floated past the rotting trees and as he left, the darkness followed closely behind him. The town filled with innocent residents becomes an abandoned city, except for one brave couple in the distance. They had become concern and did not care about the child’s appearence. They took him off the street and fled the darkened town. He had bit the woman holding him, but she refused to let him go, even if for a second. Driving out of the now rundown city, the darkness followed them, but they would not go back again.

In present day the child had been named, and the name had suited him well. The young couple had picked Druchto, he had snow white hair with the palest skin you could have ever seen, his eyes still a fiery red, they glow in the darkness of the night. A stick thin young man, as his father would say. Pure evil burned inside him, his heart did not beat, it was just a useless organ. Usually when anyone would see him, his lips were upturned into a cynical grin. Fire can shoot from his palm of his hands, and with his eyes he can create any natural disaster. It made him laugh to see people hurt beyond repair. One day though, he will grow old. Everyone around him will die, and only his life will restart. In the future or in the past, it cannot be foreseen. What is this thing, that was brought to earth? Well no one really knows, as far as anyone can tell he’s the living apocolypse. Some say he’s the devils son, others believe God was expressing his anger. Only the boy knows who he is and why he was sent, but he would never speak of it. All you will ever see is a darkness surrounding a teenage boy, his foot bent back to rest on the wall, his back pushed up straight. His eyes will glow an eerie red and the last thing you’ll see, is him wearing a sadistic grin.

I wrote myself. Tell me what you think. :)

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