What happens if the Property Manager doesn't make repairs from County Inspectors Report?

I’ve posted on here several times about the ongoing situation with the property that I currently rent (single family home in MD, lease originally signed with property owner, after health/safety issues recently turned over to a property manager). The issues aren’t just "I have bed bugs and don’t know where they came from" issues, there are major issues with this house. The upstairs hall bath had a leak so bad that it was coming through the drywall ceiling and walls on the middle floor in between out living/dining room. The leak was repaired but the owner left three 4X4 sections of drywall missing from the living & dining room ceiling and bulkhead (which was covered in mold). There is a live 220V wire that is just laying in the yard near the deck (I have a walking 16 month old daughter that likes to play in the yard!). The hot water heater has corroded pipes that the water exiting the heater travels through that we are using for cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc. There is no expansion tank on the heater and it is sitting in a plastic bucket filled with water. The electrical problems in the house rang from if we have a few items on on one floor it will cut off the power to the house. The mater bedroom ceiling fan was installed without a junction box, it had to be replaced and after 2 hours of the PM’s "electrician" working on it, it still isn’t working and he told us not to turn it on for fear of fire. There is no water pressure and the county came out to test the meter, which was fine, turns out it is the valve in the home. When I turn the cold water on in my bathroom sink it sounds like a jack hammer is running and it is so loud that if I forget about it and turn it on, it wakes my daughter up. Parts of the siding of the home blew off during a recent wind storm. We have tried to send a Notice of Defect to the owner about the issues (certified) prior to learning of the PM, which the landlord refuses to sign for. The PM personally took the notice of defect from us and had 2 of his "workers" come out and look things over, one of which said that the whole house needed to be resided. Now the property manager is saying that nothing will be done until "his" inspector comes out to look at things. We had the main county inspector out today and he is finalizing his report. We have a 16 month old daughter and I really feel that this is starting to get out of control and I am not really sure what to do next. What can we do? We haven’t refused rent and we’ve been willing to work things out, but it’s like no one wants to spend the money or do anything. At this point I worry about the health and safety of my family and especially my young daughter, but I also don’t want to do anything that’s against the law or will wind up coming back to bite me later.
So in the mean time I just keep paying rent and live in a home with these conditions?
Also if the county inspector makes a report and states that items have to be fixed/repaired and the landlord/property manager doesn’t make the repairs aren’t they in default of the lease???
@AW – I understand about paying rent and not withholding it. Not something that I would ever do, I know it’s illegal. But if the rent is on time, than what other issues could they evict for? We’re not disturbing anyone and get along quite well with the neighbors. Actually to the point that when the dryer in the home went up during the holidays, they let us use theirs. Also, I did check into the escrow account and think that is something I will look into. I don’t want a bad relationship with the ll/pm but I also have a 16 month old daughter whose health and safety I have to be most concerned about!
@Weimaraner Mom: Yes the has been written contact about this. At first the LL was taking care of the issues. And that is all noted through the written email contact. The PM wasn’t hired until recently. We sent certified mail 2 weeks ago the Notice of Defect that he refuses to sign for. When the PM visited the site we gave him the Notice in front of a witness. The PM knows about it because as i said he sent 2 of his guys to look at things. And we advised him that we had called the local housing inspector to come out and look at the property.
@acemill: The local housing inspector has been called to come to the property (that was included in my "useless litany" above). I haven’t received the report for that yet.

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