What is an average fee a real estate mangement co. would charge to handle one of my rental properties?

I want to buy fix up properties in Little Rock, Ar. First I thought of flipping these houses because I can buy them so cheap. But the so-called pundits all say that now is a bad time to flip. But if you can buy a decent house for 20k and sink about 5k into it, I would think that you could surely sell it for 45k if the comps in the neighborhood are selling for that. So I thought of getting in the rental biz and hire a rental management co. I live in Tucson and am a retired contractor, so I can fix a lot of stuff. But I’m afraid of getting ripped off. Kind of hard for me to fix a leaky faucet when I live 1000 miles away. Do these mgmnt. companies do any light repairs or just collect the rent for you? Thanks

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