What is the best cooling solution for a computer's CPU?

The cpu I would like to cool is an i7 950. It is going to be cradled with love by an Asus Rampage III Formula. I have been looking at some Corsair air coolers and some look like a Skyscraper watching over all the residents on your motherboard. In addition to watching the townsfolk they seem to subject some of there ummmm subjects to some minor oppression. by that I mean that the real estate that is taken up by the cooler can sometimes cover a sata port on this board or clearance issues with the north-bridge or the RAM or the little bunny rabbits on another board. I also have a gnawing suspicion that even though the manufacturer keeps the weight of the heatsink in mind the heat-sink causes some sort of issue. Having 1.4 pounds constantly tugging seems bad. . My board won’t be laying flat. On the other end of the spectrum there are some water cooling solutions that attach a small heat-sink to the cpu and use water to evacuate the heat. Um yeah not directly. Some water coolers look bulky and downright intimidating while others occupy the space where some PSUs are installed with their radiators and minimal space directly over the cpu. I’ve heard of the benefits of water cooling for years now and because I am putting together a computer that already has me drooling I would like to take care of it with the added benefit of water cooling. On the other hand if there is a lightweight air cooling solution I am ALL for those sweet copper air coolers. Here’s my dream computer http://amzn.com/w/1JV4QQPBF2FXZ with two of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127566&cm_re=msi_cyclone-_-14-127-566-_-Product. No I don’t want to spend 0 more for two 6950s or 70s. Yeah yeah yeah you have a computer 100 times better and this computer isn’t even close to a dream computer. Leave your ego at home. For ME this is light years ahead of what I have and I will probably look and feel like Jodie Foster did when she said "They should have sent a poet." when my computer posts for the first time. Cheesy? Yep. True? Yep. Not sure what I’ll do when I play Crysis 2 or Fallout 2. Probably just sob uncontrollably like Micheal Clark Duncan did after he "couldn’t take it back". I am considering many difference Sata II Solid State Drives. The problem with this is 1. virgin territory for me. 2. some seem destined for notebooks. Which is best for a desktop. I am leaning to Intel Or Kingston drives. MAYBE OCZ. I will have a second drive for music, Librivox and audible.com books, movies, books and other stuff. Thinking of putting 7 ultimate and XP SP3 on the SSD with my higher end games and Gimp.

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No I probably won’t buy all this at Amazon. In the end I am thinking about dealing with Newegg. This all depends on where I can find these the cheapest with the best reviews. No I will NOT pay for shipping.
Nice suggestion Omen. That was one I had in mind. Even watched a demonstration of installation and unboxing.
by the by it needs to compatible with a 1366 socket type.

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