What is the title of this movie I described in the details?

Here is a choppy collection of things I remember from the movie…
I’m not sure on how the movie begins, but there is this town that becomes empty because of this thing. I want to say it’s a liquid form that is growing in the sewage system. At one point of the movie it comes out of this sink in what I think might have been a garage/car repair shop.
There are scientists that drive around in a mobile lab and it has camera’s for them to see outside of it while they work. They discover the liquid thing is ancient and it thinks it’s God. It wants the scientists to tell the world about it so that the world can fear it’s power.
One scene I remember kind of vividly is when the main characters go into this chapel where they run into a scientist in a hazmat (however you spell it) suit that has been killed but the ancient form has possessed the dead scientist and some how it catches on fire and then this possessed dog walks into the chapel. The dog’s back starts moving around and you know something is in it then this monster pops out of the dogs back.
Another scene is where another possessed scientist is following one of the main characters into this other lab, but does not kill the guy. The guy had to go to that lab to get something for the chemical they are making to kill the ancient thing.
In the end the only scientists left alive talk to the ancient form and tell it to show themselves or something and all the dead people surround them in their hazmat suits and some how the ancient thing turns into this huge black monster type thing and somehow they throw the chemical they made at it and it dies.
That’s really all I got, but it’s driving my best friend and I crazy that we can’t figure out what the title is so pleeeease help! Thanks!

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