What is wrong with my laptop?

I have an asus g51-vx best buy addition laptop, warranty is already done with. My power jack seems to be broken, so instead of soldering a new one on I added a second one to the same solders; it’s an external one coming out of the dial up modem port. The reason for this was mostly out of laziness and not being very skilled at de-soldering; what happened was while I was testing the new plug, the battery started charging for about a second, and then the AC adapter fell and shorted at my new adapter because I hadn’t electrical taped the wires yet and they touched.
Now after trying a new connector, re-soldering, and even splicing the adapter directly to the power jack cord coming out of the laptop, I cannot get any power to my computer.

The symptoms it was showing were: power jack was wiggly, computer would switch in and out of battery and AC mode a lot, I had to hold the ac cord at a specific angle or the computer wouldn’t charge, and eventually it just stopped charging and the battery died. It’s been a few months because I’m a bit tight on money, but nothing has happened to it since that.

The motherboard seems like it’s brand new from the factory, no busted capacitors or anything like that; might be a bit of flux left on it but that is all

I can’t find anything wrong with this computer but it will not start! I have tried hard reboots, taking the battery out, and even putting more thermal paste on the heat sinks. Anyone run into a similar problem, ever? How did you fix this? How would a computer shop repair this? Think it’s the power jack? I checked and made sure there was voltage coming through and there’s no resistance according to the ohmmeter.

Help me out guys
Already fixed the power jack as far as I can tell, power comes through the cord I attached to the power jack solders and into them. I have checked with an ohmmeter which comes up with 0 resistance and a voltmeter which comes up with 19 volts.

There’s no bad connection as far as my equipment tells me.
It was a really small short, and there was definitely no noticeable effect on the mobo. Nothing is blown on it or anything, but I guess that could be it.
No lights turn on at all, I don’t think it’s a battery issue. When I take the battery out my computer still won’t turn on while plugged into the wall
I mean I can’t be sure of the connection but it seems good.

The way it’s set up is that there’s 2 connectors on it, the broken one and the new one is a wire that’s soldered to it. I tested, with a voltmeter, to see if there’s power going through the new wire/ solder point; the results showed that the 19 volts(both – and +) were definitely going through into the mother board.

But I’m not sure if this is a valid test, never heard of anyone using it.

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