What Kind of Mold is Growing in My Bathroom?

I have a very strange kind of mold growing in my bathroom – at least I THINK it's mold. It looks like a pile of wood shavings. We live in an old house and the bathroom is in the basement. Our toilet leaks; we are planning on replacing the seal soon but we need money first. In the meantime, when we flush water leaks out and runs down to the corner of the vanity and wall. In this corner, under the warped baseboard, grows a pile of this wood shavings type stuff that my husband thinks is mold. It grows back after I clean it up. This used to be where the plunger sat but I now keep it in a container and the problem still exists. Hopefully this problem will go away once the leak is fixed. Up till then, does anybody know anything about this type of mold, if indeed that is what it is?? Thank you!


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