What should I do about my nipple piercing?


So I got a nipple piercing 8 days ago and have been soaking it twice a day in saline solution and also using a liquid antiseptic.

1) I'm not happy about the location of the piercing, I thing its too deep and would have preferred it to be just behind the nipple, where it joins the areola. Am I able to take this bar out and get it done straight away or do I need to take it out and wait until its healed first?

2) The piercing was fine until 2 days ago when I got hit (hard) directly on the piercing and now its swollen right up and the balls on the bar are sinking into the flesh. its quite tight and I have to pop them out multiple times throughout the day. Obviously the white oozy fluid is building up behind the balls as it has no room to drain out and the area has become quite tender. Its making wearing a bra painful and I cant exactly go without one. Is there any way to take the swelling down or do I just need to get a longer bar? (or take it out completely?)
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Im planning on going back to my piercer as soon as I can but I'd like to be able to go armed with as much info and ideas on what needs to/can be done as possible.

Thank you!


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