Ok, so there is this girl named Ally. She used to be in my school – and used to be my best friend. All she does is use people… and a lot of people don't like her. Before she started hanging out with me, she had another “friend” who let her come over to her house – all she did was use her computer to go on her Facebook and Myspace. Every week, she would come to my house and use my computer. After my mom and I realized what she was doing, we started talking about it a lot. One of the last times she was at my house was LAST YEAR: She told my mom that she can't wait until she's older so she can go drink in the bars. [ We are only 12; 6th grade ] That same day, we were downstairs in my basement, playing the Wii. I told her I had to go to the bathroom, (which was upstairs on the 1st floor) I walked up the stairs and she was running beside me… and telling me she had to go to the bathroom also. I beat her to the bathroom, closed the door, and just went on going to the bathroom. She walked right in on me; walked to the sink; pulled down her pants; jumped up on MY counter; and peed right in our sink! I told my mom about it after she went home. She was absolutely furious. She never came over again. Ally is a drama queen, liar, and a slut. You probably think that I'm just some mean little girl writing bad stuff about someone… I'm not. I've had it with Ally. She's been so mean to me lately. So… somehow she found out that I told a couple people about her peeing in my sink. So, she decided to start telling people that I got diareah in her toilet. Ally eats so much at her house, unlike me. So, when I went to her house last year, we had ice cream right before bed. So, in the morning I felt horrible. I got sick… Her mom told me it wasn't a big deal and that it's fine. And now, Ally's mom is telling EVERYBODY [including my friend's moms] that I pooped in their toilet and that she had to clean it up… Next year, I will be going to Middle School with 3 different schools. Ally's mom is making a huge deal out of it! She's changing the story… and just making me seem like some disgusting little girl. She even told my best friend what I “did”. I really can't stand it anymore, since she's ruining my reputation as a almost- teenager girl. What should I do?! I would really appreciate if you could relate to me.. and put yourself in my shoes while you answer. I am really close to be crying right now. Because of her, all of my friends are turning their backs on me. I can't stand it. So, please. HELP ME! D:

Thank you so much!
All answers are appreciated,


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