What type of pipes should I use, Pex, PVC, or Copper?

We are remodeling a ~60 year old house. We have changed wiring, sheetrock, insulation, some walls, and now its time to look into plumbing. The house currently has iron pipes throughout, and I figured they should be changed??? They weren’t leaking when we started, but after breaking some pipes while trying to loosen them, I assume I need to just go ahead and put all new pipes in. Which brings me to my question, what should I put in it? We live in Tennessee, and all these pipes are in a basement, which is not heated, but I’m not too concerned about freezing, (they obviously haven’t for 60 years). So, what should I do? I want to do it right, but not spend too much on it, as we have sank a lot of money into other projects.
Also, we have a well, not city water (if that makes a difference). Thanks in advance for your help!

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