What would be the most organized way to write up a list of things that need to be bought/done for a home reno?

To get a loan for home renovations, we need a contractor to write up a quote for all work to be done, plus the cost of any materials.

Since my father in law is a contractor and he and my husband will be doing the work, there won’t be a quote needed for labour, but we will need one for materials.

He would like us to write out what work it is that needs to be done and what things we need to buy so he can better understand what quotes he needs to give. He’d then re-write everything in a professional quote for us to take to the lender’s.

So, I don’t really know how to do this. Would it be more organized to write out a list of the actual construction we want done, with measurements for each new room, followed by an itemized list of purchases we need to make, like a new bathtub, new bathroom vanity, new vinyl windows throughout the house, replace carpeting with XX flooring…

What’s going to be the easiest method to do this for a contractor who is family and not charging you for their services?

And yes, he’d really rather we write everything we want done and bought so it’s easily accessible to him and he’s not constantly asking "what did you want done in this spot again?"

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