what would you choose?

the scenario: you have been wrongly convicted of the most heinous crime you can think of. at sentencing you are given the following choices. which do you choose?. keep in mind, you are innocent, but no one believe that…
choice1: life imprisonment in solitary confinement. you will live out the rest of your life in a 6 ft x 6 ft cell with no bars, no windows and no human contact of any kind. all food is passed though an opening at floor level on a conveyor. your cell contains a cot, sink and toilet only, has smooth steel walls and ceiling and is indirectly lighted for 11 hours a day… you are never permitted to go out side your cell.
choice2: you will be put in a 10 X 10 cell with bars, a window to the outside. you will have a cellmate that will make you his b*tch *ex slave and pass you around to other inmates for favors. you will be permitted out of your cell but not outside only 2hrs per day.

in both 1&2,no tv, radio, music, no letters, nothing to read. and suicide not an option


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