What's going on with my belly button peircing?

Ok so i got my belly button peirced about a week ago. The first couple of days it was fine, a bit sore but that’s all. One day i tugged on it a bit too hard..not anything major..just enough for it to get a bit irritated. Not sure if this is the cause for what happened next, but then the top hole of my peircing started to get wider it seems? Like the top ball of the jewlry has made a little crater in the top of the hole? i keep it clean with antibacterial soap and the H2Ocean spray. The inside of the peircing is white..not oozing…just white, i think it looks like skin cells….it doesn’t crust up much at all, usualy on the bottom if it even does. It’s not painful either, just strange looking, the top ball is nestled into the hole a bit too deep for me to be comfortable about it, although it looks completely normal if u see it straight on, but the top of the hole is red if u look more closely. It almost makes me feel like i should keep the bar pushed up so that its not sinking into the hole? I let it air dry after i clean it with the soap and when i spray the saline solution on it i let it soak, but just the top of the peircing never seems to dry out. Anyway, i’m just concerned about it. If anybody could give some advice/tips/knowledge it would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)

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