Where can i find angle valve for sink?

I need an angle valve for my sink buts its a bit of an odd size. I have copper tubing at 1/2″ i need a valve preferably compression that can feed to a water supply that is 1/2″ Pipe thread.
Included images of the supply hose valve to sink. To help show what i'm looking for. Sorry for bad paint skills.



I need a shutoff valve to supply that.
Thats a stock image from home depot. The part with the black X is not how my supply line looks i'll post an image tomorrow. I'm trying to avoid cutting braided hose.
I've tried both home depot and lowes neither have had it. Ill try a plumbing supply when i can i was hoping to buy online though.
Thats not what i need.

I have copper tubing (source in the wall) 1/2″ need a valve compression valve to go on that. The valves outlet needs to be able to take a female 1/2″ pipe thread braided hose.


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