Where can I find wall mounted faucets for a 1950s sink?

I just moved back home from college, and I’m trying to move into my brother’s old room. There’s a bathroom inside that bedroom, and I’m trying to remodel it without actually having to install new sink and toilet and stuff. The reason I do not want to do this is because I am a female and I have no plumbing experience, and my parents have not and refuse to take care of that bathroom. My dad is adamant in not repairing the bathroom, because he says the remodeling that is needed is beyond superficial, but the bathroom is just in unacceptable condition, and I refuse to use it in that way. So I’m pretty much on my own here, and I’m trying to do the best I can, given the situation. The sink inside that bathroom is from circa 1958, and while the actual sink is unscathed, the faucet is rotten and leaking (because it’s all eaten up and so are the keys, for lack of a better word–sorry, I don’t know all the technical terms here). The faucet needs to be replaced, and I have gone to Lowe’s, Home Depot, you name it. They’ve told me that I have to make a special order for those faucets. But they’re telling me it costs upwards of 6 to do that. Where could I find the faucet for this type of sink? I’ve provided a link to a picture of what the sink looks like below, except the one I have is green, but basically the faucet is mounted on the sink in the exact same way. Help would be appreciated!


Oh, and the faucets that Home Depot and Lowe’s say have to be specially ordered aren’t even the ones I need. They’re wall mounted, but they swear that those faucets should work. Looking at the pictures though, it seems the faucets are too big for the holes of the sink.
That seems like a good idea Paul! I will definitely see about trying that!
Oh, I just found the name for this kind of fixture…it’s called a shelf back faucet, not wall mounted.

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