Where should I go during a storm!?

I am watching my friend’s house while he is on vacation. It is a very large house right on a lake. There is supposed to be a storm coming, there are about 10 very large windows in the front of the house looking out at the lake. Obviously I shouldn’t be there..Upstairs there is 2 bedrooms, they each have windows, there is a bathroom with a small window, and a game room with sliding doors to a porch. Downstairs, the family room, (living room) is the room with the 10 windows.. there is a large bedroom that also has sliding doors and a bathroom connected to it without windows. Then there is a kitchen, 2 small windows, next to it is a small bathroom that just has a sink and toilet and no windows… My neighbor said if there is tornado warnings here, I should huddle between a wall and the bar that is near the living room. It is about 20 feet away from the large windows that start at the floor and go up to the ceiling. That just doesn’t seem safe. Thanks for your help
A car? thats not safe for a tornado

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