who sang this song and what is it called?

all i know is the video

so there is this guy and he walks into this bar type thing and there is a white lamb on a black door and he sits at the bar and every move he makes all the guys sitting at the bar with him do the exact same thing and so then he sits down at a table and still all the other tables are coppying him(they are all guys) he smoothes the table cloth then notices a girl and he scoots over so the guy at the table with the girl moves closer and he has him touch her face and then he pushes the table over and at the end there it this girl that is standing in front of him and she is mimicing him and he has her take the strap of her tanktop and slide it off her shoulder

thats all i can remember but there is this other video with the same lamb on a laptop that might be the same band… but in that video this guy wakes up next to some dudes gf and the whole video the singer is getting chased by this guy and he like climbs through sinks and jumps into the laptop
plz help thnks

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