why are my pipes a-knocking?

i live in a sorta duplex. when I moved here the kitchen sink water would come on nice and strong then immediately run weak. this was around feb, 2010. so, this past winter the kitchen pipes in the apartment below me busted and I repaired them. I now notice that whenever I turn the water on upstairs in the kitchen it now runs fast but i can hear knocking until i reduce the speed of the water. I want to associate this with something in the nasty lines causing a problem which was ‘fixed’ (slumlord previously fixed the same busted pipe and even used the heating duct work to heat under the kitchen floor instead of properly insulating it and i think he knew the lines in my apt were knocking and fixed it by reducing the water flow at the line)by turning the water valve partially open and then back to knocking when i repaired the lines and turned the water valve to open and not partially opened. would that be a good guess? what would the knocking be? thanks in advance

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