Why Do True Christians Believe that Christ Died On a Cross and not a Torture Stake?

Why True Christians Do Not Use the Cross in Worship?
This question is asked and supposedly answered in the book “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” Page 205. You can read a quote from an obscure book Das Kreuz und die Kreuzigung (The Cross and the Crucifixion), by Hermann Fulda, which states:
“Trees were not everywhere available at the places chosen for public execution. So a simple beam was sunk into the ground. On this the outlaws, with hands raised upward and often also with their feet, were bound or nailed.”
This would be an accurate quote from the book, but it is only a partial quote to back up false teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses about death of Christ.

Below are some more quotes from the same book (Sorry about the poor translation in part);-

“Roman Feldherr and later emperor Titus had 70 a.d. daily whipping 500 and more flüchtende starving Jews during the Jewish war before the wall of Jerusalem, tortured and then crucify to weaken resistance of the besieged. Soon even wood because of many established crosses was scarce according to Josephus (Bellum Judaicum 5. 449ff):

The soldiers nagelten now the prisoners to the derision in a variety of body positions in their huge Erbitterung, and because even as many were their it gebrach soon to area for the crosses and crosses for the bodies.”

70 years after Christ, there was a shortage of timber, why?
More quotes from the same book;-

“Julius Caesar was later crucify 30 pirates who had attacked him 76 BC on a sea voyage. [4] After the final defeat of insurgents slave heerführers Spartacus 71 BC were crucified to 6,000 of his followers along thevia Appia of Rome to Capua. [5] Since then the crucifixion as punishment against non Roman spread.”

“The complete Roman execution procedure consisted of four part steps taken place but not always and everywhere at a time in the Empire:
1.the complete undress of the condemned and whose public flagellation;
2.forced Querbalken-or Furcatragen to the execution point.
3.the shackles or Annageln his body to a Furca or the bar;
4.its attachment to a tree or prepared posts. This man and were bar hochgehoben and connected to the vertical posts.”

Do you agree that this book quoted from clearly shows that Christ was crucified on a CROSS and not a TORTURE STAKE?

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