why does my 96 blazer stall after an hour of continuos driving?

went to the mtns and about an hour and 30 minutes of driving it stalled out at a stop light, got restarted after 3 tries; then ran sluggish and kept stalling out every 10 minutes until we got to destination. took to mechanic you pulled fuel filter, said it was brand new (just bought the car two weeks ago) checked fuel pressure and lines; all running as should be with 60 pound pressure. hooked up computer to read codes and what cam up was crankshaft position sensor multiple times. replaced that with new. Drove it back home the next day and about an hour into the trip it started doing it again. Was able to get it within two miles of home before it stalled out bad. tried 3 more times to get it moving. Car cranked up, press the accelerator then it stalled all three times. towed it home. Car will run fine as long as it is not for prolonged periods; which is frustrating because a mechanic cannot check for the problem until it arises from heat. I have read alot of forums on 96 blazers and this seems to be a common problem. But no one has a definitve solution; just a lot of hit and miss repairs and some work and some don’t. I don’t have the cash for a bunch of "guesswork" repairs. What i have read revolves around vapor lock, ICM heat sink, air filter box, vaccum leaks, egr,(some of these would set off codes) and fuel pumps. Any help to help out me and my mechanic brother would be great!!!

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