Why does the hot water in my condo bathroom run out so quickly?

I own a small 1 bedroom condo in a large association. Up until a week ago, I had no issues with hot water. Last Monday, the whole building experienced a complete lack of hot water. I know, because I called in to report it and was told everyone was calling. On Tuesday, I had about a minute of hot water before everything went cold – even without the cold water turned on. I’ve had tepid showers since. The hot water heater is NOT in my unit. I have not called a plumber yet because I have some hot water (45 seconds’ worth this morning), so at first it seemed more likely to be a heater problem than a unit-specific one. Plus, NH is still recovering from a massive ice storm and we’ve had major snow all weekend to contend with, so it seemed unlikely I’d get anyone to come.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips on why this could be happening. Not sure if it is my responsibility to call a plumber anyway or just continue to ask my association for repairs, as hot water is included in my condo fees. Although some folks are having theirs turned off due to delinquency in condo fee payment, my account is completely up to date.

Hot water also goes quickly to cold only in the bathroom sink. The kitchen faucet, however, seems fine.

Do not know any of my neighbors, so have not asked if anyone else is experiencing the same problems.

Thanks in advance!

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