Why don't I have hot water more than 2 minutes?

I’m puzzled. I have an electric water heater. (meaning no pilot light that would go out) It’s 7 years old, we just had both thermostats replaced about 2 months ago. For about a week now I only have about 2 minutes of hot water in my shower and bath. I haven’t really tried the rest of the house because I wash my clothes in cold water and use a dishwasher to wash my dishes. The bathroom sink water is hot through out the day when I wash my hands but that’s only a small amount of water being used, nothing like a shower or bath. I turned up my hot water heater thinking that could have been the problem and while the water is hotter, the hot water still doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes. I’m not sure what the problem could be.(all my utility bills are current for those of you who say "pay your electric or water bill") I’m hoping the hot water tank doesn’t need to be replaced already, it’s serviced regularly and appears to be in good working order. (I know the apperance probably doesn’t mean much) I thought maybe someone on here might know what the problem is before I call a plumber. Thanks so much for your time. Any input would be appreciated.

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