Why is it important to wash your hands?

Could someone please explain to my 64 year old friend why it is important to wash his hands after using the bathroom? I have tried every way I can think of explaining ( from cajoling to getting angry) and he still doesn’t take this seriously. He turns on the bathroom sinks faucet for 4-5 seconds so I hear the water run….but doesn’t touch the bar of soap! I’m completely grossed out. It has gone on for years now and my patience is shot. Maybe he will see the light if someone other than myself can explain to him why it’s important to wash ones hands? Before leaving a silly answer ask yourself how you’d like this guy cooking at your local fast food restaurant? He is the one who opens the grocery store door and grabs the shopping cart you use next! I am letting him read all comments you leave. Thank you for your time. signed, Simple Hygiene Improves Things

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