Why is it that foreign men that visit the Philippines think that they know so much about our culture?

Everytime I post a question here I get all these answers from these foreigners that do their best to sound like an expert on my culture. The only problem is they are not experts and alot of their advice in the form of answers to my questions are wrong. My question is why do they respond to questions that they have no idea about? I personally believe that it is because they have created a fantasy in their head on what they want to believe about the Philippines and create their perception of my country based on their fantasy. For instance I have seen too many times some lonely old man from Europe, America, or Australia (and also many young, inexperienced, reject foreigners) come here and get swept off of their feet by our lovely Filipinas who help fuel their fantasy based on what they have heard of foreigners stupidity. The foreign men create these fantasies in their heads about why a young woman in the Philippines would fall inlove with them. All too often I hear something to the effect of "It is traditional Asian culture for a Filipina to be family orientated and that is why Filipinas are better than Americans or Europeans because of the culture". That is just one example. There are many, many more. It just amazes me each time I meet a foreigner that has fallen for those types of false sterotypes of Filipino culture because the foreigner really has nothing to benefit from it if ever that Filipina shows her true Filipina colors and let’s that foreigner know just how quickly she could leave and create a different family with some other guy (any other guy for that matter). It also amazes me because many of these types of girls are not educated and are considered as being course with little to no class in society. I remember eating at the Shangri La one time and I saw some white guy eating there with a Filipina that was obviously a bar girl. Here we all were eating with high class businessmen and here are this white guy and his bar girl date eating there too. You could tell she was uncomfortable but the guy just seemed oblivious as can be. He was holding her so close with no shame at all. Everybody in the place noticed them and I could tell the Shangri La staff were not happy about them being there but he didn’t seem to notice. Well the bar girl did but she was really good at playing it off to him (just not good enough for the rest of us). No wonder why Asia is rising so rapidly as the rest of the developed world sinks. We are smarter than they are. Not only that we are racist towards them and descriminate and persecute them to their face. We make little secret about it either as our police illegally extort money from them and yet they still come back for more. I suppose that is because their sexual addiction is stronger than their dignity.

What are your thoughts on why these foreign men think that they know so much about our culture?

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