Why won't my dishwasher dry?

I just moved into a complex and had to argue with the repair guy for a month before he’d acknowledge the last dishwasher wasn’t working. it would run for hours on end and never stop. He obviously doens’t have a clue when it comes to dishwashers. Now the brand new one doesn’t dry and it appears to not be washing the dishes. They come out dirty than they go in. I happened to be home when he came by, he didn’t look at ANYTHING. All he did was tighten the screws that affix it to the sink and tell me he went out of his way to get us a new one. I told him it needs to be fixed or I’m throwing it out the fucking window becuase I am sick and tired of dealing with the dishwasher problems. Maybe it’s a manufatorer mess up… He said he will replace it but it won’t be with a new one…. so now I get to anticipate what other messed up dishwasher he’s going to replace this one with instead of just FIXING THE PROBELM…. so since my repair guy is a complete and total fucking idiot…. what can I do to fix it?

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