WiFi does not work after disassembling laptop?

HP-dv7 1285dx laptop

I disassembled the laptop on Saturday to clean the fan and heat sink, it was clogged with dust.
I followed the repair/replacement/dis-assembly manual to the letter.

The computer works flawlessly (an much cooler) except for the wireless internet connection. I can still see all of my saved WiFi locations, but it refuses to connect. When the WiFi is active, the button on the laptop turns blue, but no matter what I do, it remains orange (off).

The button I am referring to is one of the touch buttons, not a mechanical button, but purely a sensor. The volume, pause, play, rewind, etc. are all touch buttons, located on the same strip as the WiFi. The WiFi is the only one that doesn’t work. So I don’t think it is the connection.

Do I need a new driver? Did I make a mistake when I removed the wireless card and antennas?

(I use Ubuntu Linux, not Windows)

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