Will you read my poem (Afterimage)? (Thank you)?

Afterimage of your lands

Night descended upon us! …
A lightning – a darkness
sea waves raised as castles
a northern wind bites, barks
we strive on rudder, under masts.

As if blackened dogs cried
Listen! Winds! Hordes’ odd entities
wildest of an ocean, the captain tried-
to suspend our icon, our fear to hide
wet decks, erase our prayers last traces.

A mal spirit of impertinent whims
an anecdote of a demonic benight…

And you! Waited for my return so tight
your eyes glance an antidote was, a wince
your old whispered caresses, won the winds…

I wish I had that silver cross I lost
that night when of bar-liquor I got drunk
or maybe your photo deep in water sunk
my fault, I know, to define an expired post,
my afterimage of your lands at northernmost.

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