Wondering if i should call a lawyer…….?

My fiancee and i recently bought our first home. What we thought should be a happy time turned into nothing of the sort. We soon found many problems which were not disclosed to us and were made to seem like they were ok. First we have an in-ground pool, which we were told had a newer liner. When we looked at the house it was snowing and we could not take the cover off the pool. When we finally got everything uncovered, the liner was in horrible shape, and the pool itself had spots on the bottom where the concrete has sunk. To repair this would cost us somewhere around ,000. Next was the roof which we were told was recently re-done. When we got into the house it didn’t take long to figure out that there was a leak in this roof, when our tile ceiling fell. Next was the furnace, which we were told wa efficient and worked properly. We have spent hundreds in repairing this furnace and will now be replacing this. Wiring was all hidden and old, also some ends were exposed. Things that we thought were taken care of were not. We have spent ,000 now in repairs alone to things that should have been ok. This does not include our pool. Is there anything i can do to get some of my money back?

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