Worrying about my date tonight?

I am an 18 year old gay male and I’m having my first date of sorts tonight. We (the guy) exchanged pics from a dating sites, chatted online about normal things and also about sex. I am a virgin I haven’t even kissed a guy. This surprised him and he says he’d like to give me my first kiss tonight. On Saturday he is going to a gay bar with friends and wants me to come. Says it will be fun and I can crash at his place for the night, and that we’ll go further. This is all very well…but I am a bit dubious about his claim that he is after a relationship ("if all goes well" he says) and not a one off. I suggested this last night (I am not after flings I am after a supportive relationship) and he affirmed to me. And again that’s all very well…but he broke up with an ex 3 weeks ago. Often he refers to this ex and mentions him on his profile about recently having broken up. To me these are warning signs that possibly he is rebounding, but my other half tries to quell this feeling because I am eager for a relationship. So that’s all very well (again)…but I looked on his Facebook profile today. Needless to say I have sunk deeply depressed and feel almost sick inside. I noticed he was friends with other guys from the dating website. I also noticed a comment (from a flamboyant young gay male) that said "well last night was an experience… :P msg you later xx" and this was only 2 days ago. That comment really seems like he just had sex with that guy. I can only guess why he is so eager to go the gay bar and have me and others tag along…

Personally I can’t see tomorrow night happening (clubbing and going back to his). I reccently lost a job and have very little to live on until I find a new one, so I can’t be spending it. I also don’t like the look of this gay bar. I just want a nice, old-fashioned long term relationship with someone around my age where we can travel, go home to each other, work, movies, restaurant, go camping etc. I can’t see this party animal going too far but then again I am attracted to him. As far as infidelity goes I would never cheat (even though I’ve never been a relationship I am quite sure of this) and would react really badly if I was cheated on, including crying for hours and disillusion.

It’s all happened so fast. I only met him yesterday morning and now its 3pm the next day. I like him, but…

What do you think I should do tonight at the date (cafe and walk in park apparently, with his lesbian friend)? How do I subtly get him to reveal what he really wants,, etc, without sounding stalkish and serious and without offending him?
What sort of things should I have on the checklist?

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