Would rotting wood smell only when Dishwasher is on?

Had a really foul odor over the sink, plumber came out – no leaks, but I ask that he replace the garbage disposal, he did and the smell was still there.

Figured out the smell happens only when the dishwasher is running or just finished. Called GE to have someone out to look at the dishwasher, but didn’t have the dishwasher on at all 4 days before repair guy came.

Guy who came out said it was ‘rotting wood’ and refused to take out the dishwasher to check it for leaks. He didnt even smell the odor until he actually turned on the dishwasher and about 5 minutes into it, the smell showed up.

I even smell it inside the dishwasher (the odor).. Yet, this guy was saying to ‘replace the wood’ but he never took out the dishwasher to look for leaks.

If it was the wood, wouldn’t that smell all the time?
The guy made one excuse after the other for not taking the dishwasher out (it would hurt the floor). Had the same floor for years and it was the one we had when the last dishwasher was taken out and replaced with this one.

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