Writing a story need help?

Its about witches and wizards that go to boarding school thats also a day school. It's different to Harry Potter okay. This is just the begginng what do you think?

“Gabiella, Issacha get here right now” Mom yelled. She’s a tall weedy woman with funny looking eyes. When she looks at you it’s like she’s looking at your soul.
“What is it mom?” Issacha asked.
“Both of you explain this” She threw a big white envelope at both of us.
“What is it?” I asked puzzled.
“You tell me” she replied sinking down onto one of our many bar stools.
Issacha opened his and read:
Dear parent/caregiver of Issacha
Issacha has been accepted to Knightly school of witches and wizards. On September the first he is to follow the map enclosed to the school boat/station/broom closet.
Issacha paused to laugh.
We hope to see him at Knightly school of witches and wizards this September.
Carlisle Knightly
P.S Knightly school is a boarding school also you will not need to purchase school books.
I opened mine and read the exact same except Issacha and he was changed to Gabiella and she. I glanced up at mom. She had her head buried in her hands. I turned to look at Issacha; he was as puzzled as me. The words swam around in my head; witches, wizards, boarding school and September the first. I walked around to where my mother was sitting and plonked down on the seat next to her.
“Mom what is this about?” Issacha bet me to the question.
“I was hoping… when your father died they wouldn’t send those,” she paused to look at the opened envelopes “but I guess it doesn’t matter if the family wizard dies” she sighed.
“Hold the phone, you’re telling me dad is, well was a wizard” I could feel shock on my face and I could see it in the glass of the oven door.

“Yes, yes I am” Mom sighed again.
“Sweet!” Issacha exclaimed.
“WAIT! September the first is tomorrow,” I cried “how am I going to say goodbye to my friends also I need to but new clothes AND I need a hair cut”
“Typical,” Issacha sighed “You find out you’re a wizard and all you can think about is shopping–”
“Hold on,” Mom interrupted our conversation “Do you actually want to do this? Are you not at all surprised?” she asked.
“Of course I want to do this also I’ve always known I’m different ever since I accidently turned the janitor into a frog” I admitted.
“Me too! It sounds awesome!” Issacha yelled.
“Alright, alright you can go. We need to get ready” Mom had tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong Mom?”
“My babies a witch and a wizard” the tears spilled over.
“Oh come on Mom” Issacha complained. He hates people crying.
“Okay let’s go”
She took one hand each and led us upstairs. Issacha gave me a wink. We both already knew we were witches and wizards, dad told us years ago.

P.S i'm only 12 and the names are said:
Gabiella (Gay-b-ella)
Issacha (I-zach-a)
Ignore the last two sentences.
I'm sorry Lunacy but if you haven't got something nice to say don't bother saying it okay. Did you never learn that at school. Oh im sorry did you go to school. I am only twelve remember that alright. That goes to any others too. Gosh are you all Americans. Typical I'm sorry if your a nice person but you are all (Americans) very tough on people. If you were Kiwis you'd be proud that a young girl wants to write. Gosh. Sorry to all the nice people out there.


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