Yamato vs Iowa/Hood vs Bismarck/Japanese aircraft carriers vs American aircraft carriers?

Okay, so 4 famous world war 2 battleships. Given a one on one, no technological advances at all, no advantages at all. Lets Talk Yamato vs Iowa
18 inch guns vs 16 inch guns. This is when both ships were commissoned so there were no such things as tomahawk missiles yada yada. Im not too sure about you guys but I would say Yamato, I mean the US navy didn’t even dare attack that monster with battleships. Same with its sister ship. They were both over run by dive bombers and torpedo bombers. (yamato took 12 bombs and 7 torpedos) Considering that the Arizona took 1 bomb to sink it, yamato is dam tank. So in my opinion, it wins vs Iowa.
Hood vs Bismarck, okay we all know that Hood was sunk by Bismarck yada yada, but Hood was already at a disadvantage. Bismarck had the weather, had full broadside, Hood could only fire with frontal guns, so right then and there, Bismarck could fire more guns than the Hood, thus the probibility of hitting was higher. In my opinion, given square terms, it could be an equal match. I would say both would go down in flames one v one, but the Bismarck would go down last (considering, once again, it was mauled by 2 aircraft carriers and about 3 – 4 battleships and a few cruisers and destroyers)
Okay, we all know Midway was a disaster, a complete mess for the Japanese but what many don’t know is how much luck was in that attack. I mean, the fighters guarding the carriers had come down low on fuel, Dive bombers were switching there armament, planes were refuelling, and the American dive bombers happened to find the carriers at that exact moment of time. GG. but look at Coral Sea. Shokaku, Shiho vs Yorktown, Lexington. Lexington and Shiho went down, Shokaku and Yorktown were on fire. Both eventually repaired, but this was a pretty dam fair fight compared to Midway (apart from the fact that americans had 3 CV to 4 at midway). Anyhow, I would still give this one to the US as they were good at patching up damaged stuff. I dunno. But Japanese carriers definately had more experienced crews so I would not ride them off.

Okay so I would like to hear your opinions on these matters.
@Ed T I know, but so many things could have happened that could have changed the course of the war. Did you know that Japan was investing in an atomic project and has detonated one before.
Did you know that had Japan ordered a third strike on Pearl Harbour or even sent an invasion force onto Hawaii on the day of the attack, we would have suffered very dearly.
There are so many possibilities, i guess i might be overthinking but all well
@Quack Master: I already play Navyfields.
@Tweeter: I like your reply on this matter. Very logical and thoughtful
@Houd1n1: Lol that explains the diminishing of the battleship, oh btw with the Japanese atomic project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdCe2wBeCiw (this is the first part) Japan wasn’t able to go beyond results in the lab, but they were able to denonate a test atomic bomb.

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